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In Ukraine, Kyiv you can visit our authentic escape room area and feel by himself what does it mean: the quest from CONUS Research - Escape Room Makers!
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CONUS Research & MFG LLC

The only company carrying out a full cycle production of escape rooms based on unique collapsible technology

The technology allows you to avoid long assembly and installation works, and thus quickly launch your escape room bussiness!

We create the turnkey projects of Escape Room Games

Our Released Projects In United States and Europe

I wish i could rate different aspects of this experience. I attempted the Clinic.

This was my first real escape room. As an attractions professional, it’s embarrassing it took me this long to do one, and also shameful that I missed a few very obvious things while researching which room to book (I used a groupon), namely that it was explicitly horror themed and also the largest room in the city.

This is my first time trying this escape room location, and I had a wonderful experience. There’s free parking. The staff is very friendly, and the clues are hard, but doable. It was a perfect mix of mystery, horror, and excitement that I will want to re-live again. I would definitely come back again with a group of friends and relatives.

There are 4 of us, total escape room junkies!!! We literally NEED to do one at least once every 2 weeks. Maze Quests definitely made it to our top 3 favorite escape rooms in the area so trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

We had so much fun doing the Queen Anne’s Revenge that we came back the next day for The Clinic. We’d have to say Queen Anne’s is a bit more challenge than The Clinic. We escaped both rooms with at least 15 minutes to spare. We used one hint for the Clinic, and about 3 hints for Queen Anne’s. The staffs are super friendly and nice, so it made our experiences just that much better.

We can’t wait to come back for the other 3 new rooms that’s under construction right now!

I played the Clinic here and let me see that it felt like being in a scary movie. More Silent Hill than Resident Hill feeling. Lighting is dim and the little flashlight definitely made me feel like James Sunderland walking through a hell-warped hospital. The props were great and the sound effects definitely poured on the scary atmosphere. And the very start of this room is one of the coolest setups I’ve seen. A really great way to immerse the players into the story.

Without giving too much away, there is some physicality in this room that might not be good for people with bad knees. Another thing about this room is that I wished there were more puzzles and I think they could add them without making the room very hard.


Scary history of the clinic where the DNA experiments conducted

It's our largest multiroom escape quest game wich is about 150m2 and most customer's popular

Genre: horror. The level of horror is very scary. There are elements of eroticism. Number of players: from 2 to 6 people Limitations: 18+ and not more than 140 kg players weight Complexity: below average. (The fear factor makes the game quite difficult) Occupied area: 132 m2 (15.0 m х 8.75 m)


The players were entangled in the intricacies of spy games

The players have to unravel the intricacies of international terrorists. Also in the course of the game, players will have to neutralize bombs and missiles.

Description: Once in the investigator's office, against the backdrop of a sensational affair, and then into the bunker of special operations, players must enter the terrorists' lair through the sewerage system, following the road watching corrupt military arms traders. Game Chips - The game features large-scale self-propelled mechanisms, lasers, observation hatches, and life-sized rockets. Reviews: The game was created based on the movie ``Mission Impossible``. Difficult, intricate, unexpected, curious.


Laboratory where the lost animals can be recreated

The players found themselves in the jungle in a secret laboratory, where dinosaur DNA is collected.

Players need to save DNA samples that scientists have hidden, escaping from bandits who attacked the lab in the jungle. Samples are hidden in different places, and time for salvation is pressing, DNA quickly collapses. It's two-room game with original riddles, not too complicated, so that children can cope with them. The game is designed for 60 minutes.


The story based on myths and scary mystical rites of ancient Aztec civilization

The game evokes associations with the film ``Apocalypse`` by Mel Gibson, about the life of pre-Columbian America.

Players accidentally fall into the operating temple of the Aztecs, where literally a few minutes ago terrible sacrifices were made to bloodthirsty gods. The naked bodies are still warm, the bones and blood are all around. Aztec priestesses and priests in incredible outfits literally behind the wall continue the ritual. It is necessary to finish the bloody ritual in order to be saved.


Knight's armor, medieval weapons... Try to get out of the locked castle

The game is a delight for children, also like adults. Great for the family activity.

Plot: The players found themselves locked in a room where the knight lives. Having solved a lot of mystical riddles you need to disappear before the arrival of the knight. Description: One-room game with original puzzles, not too complicated, so that children can cope with them. The game is designed for 30 minutes.

We Build The Games

We can do it for your own business by your own plot

Unlimited Dimensions

Our current biggest escape room game in USA has an area of 150 m2

Variational Game Plot

Nonlinear plot allows you to vary the options for passing the game

We Augment The Reality

In our games elements of augmented reality technologies are used

Easy & Fast
Assemble, Dismantle, Transporting

You can easily assembling our escape room indoor or even outdoor at any place, and just as quickly disassemble then transport it whither you want

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Earn quickly with CONUS escape room games

We follow our principle in the development of scenarios: horror, sex, post-apocalyptic, thriller.
All the boldest ideas on design and riddles are realized. All our riddles with the “wow” effect.
No banal keys and locks. Augmented reality without glasses and any gadgets that need to be worn by players.
The amazing atmosphere of the game, incredible designs, beautiful and logical puzzles – these are all our distinctive features.

We know the success secret of escape room games

All games are aimed at the entertainment of players in the format of adventure, full immersion in the environment, while the level of puzzles is not complex, aimed at getting pleasure from the game by players, and not by those who are watching them

We Build Genuine Escape Room Masterpiece From Scratch


Experienced writers develop original scripts and come up with tricky puzzles


Team of designers develops unique visualisations in 3D, promo video clips, logos and graphics elements for each game

Stage Direction

The video director and sound designer will develop an excellent footage for augmented reality features parts of the game


Carry out a working design of the team’s construction, develop mechanisms for puzzles and create all the necessaries in the code


Workers and Artists realize the metal conceived in wood and plastic, original paintings and sculptures

Chief developer
Dmitry Kulbachny

Founder and main project developer

Executive manager
Katya Pavlenko

External relations, projects promotion, international contacts

Production designer
Igor Mykalo

Original paintings, sculptures and other decorative elements for interior decoration

Design engineer
Marina Svyatko

Prepares project documentation

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